Rainscreen ventilated facades

CGL Facades provides a range of fully certified systems that perform reliably across a wide range of building types. Design choice is almost unlimited, with materials, finishes, and panels shape and sizes unique to every project.

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We'll take your design, or work with you to create it, and build a certified system that once installed makes real the creative vision for any building. Our close working relationships with some of the UK's leading installation contractors ensures that what we design and manufacture is also practical and commercial to install.


Rival Merits of Different Cladding Materials

Posted on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Rainscreen cladding is a very popular option in modern construction. Its benefits are numerous, but different cladding materials have unique combinations of advantages. Some are particularly well-suited to certain environments or styles of architecture, while others combine varying blends of environmentalism, affordability and versatility.